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Why Multisport?

by Apple Du on January 17, 2018

Why multisport in MN?
Why Multisport?

The last week or two here in Minnesota has really hammered home for me one of the key reasons I love running the Apple in the spring: efficiency.

It’s so stupid cold outside here today I grumbled about driving to the store for bacon. Bacon! Almost nothing can make me grumble about bacon. But, to varying degrees, this is the state of being we choose when we choose to live in the state of Minnesota.

So when the pipes thaw and the trees find their green again and we all emerge from our blanketed bunkers, there’s no time to waste. Get out there and make every warm minute count, because as we all know, Winter is Coming.

Cook dinner or hang out on the deck? Fire up the grill and do both.
Read a book or take the kids fishing? Load up the pontoon and do both.
Go for a run or take a ride on your bike? Register for Apple and do both.

It’s all about efficiency.

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